Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Slow Slide Into Fascism?

The cost of food had risen dramatically, Government had jumped in to save heavy industry. The cost of common goods had risen beyond the means of many. Fuel was hard to come by.

Germany 1932? Nope, the U.S. today.

Fascism is described as the cooperation and blending of business and government. Friday, we inched closer to that goal with the so-called "Bailout." Now, government can purchase businesses by bying their bad debt or by buying the stock. 700 Billion dollars have been pledged to this effort, and an additional 25 billion to the automakers. And, sad to say, both Democrats who likely danced with glee and Republicans which should have known better participated in this catastrophe.

Well, screw them both. If it weren't for Sarahcuda I'd likely not vote this year, she's the one bright hope for conservative values and even she has a few quirks. But at least she's not Obama. Now there it a proto-fascist for you! Don't believe me? Then take a gander at these two photographs. See any similarities?

It would appear that Mr. Obama has learned some poses from the master of poses himself!

Ridicule? Of course I'm ridiculing Obama.
Dictators, tyrants, and those who aspire to seize and keep power by intimidation
and force can tolerate no public ridicule. They generally harbor grandiose
self-images with little bearing on how people really think of them. They require
a controlled political environment, reinforced by sycophants and toadies, to
preserve an impenetrable image…[“Ridicule as a Weapon” by J. Michael Waller]
And if you think I'm kidding about the slide into fascism? Take a gander at this little bit of fascistic film making:

At least that's how I see it on this side of the Pecos River!

The Girl and the Metrosexual!

This metrosexual was headed for his favorite singles bar along with a friend who had also been able to convert to metrosexualism in college. Both were lighthearted and carefree. They had good jobs, contributed generously to the Democratic Party and to The One up to the max limit that either the federal government would allow, or their common sense in the case of the DNC would allow. At any rate, it was a lot of money.

Now, Flannigans Bar on Main Street in the metropolis was about as good a singles bar as you can find anywhere. In fact, Metrosexual and his friend had both scored there a number of times and found some young pretty to share their bed for the night. But tonight was to be special and both were duded up to the nines if you will allow the mixing of terms decades apart. At any rate, both were flush with money from bonuses earned the easy way - sucking up to the boss, and looking forward to an evening of libation, intoxication and perhaps even a little sex to cap off the evening.

"When we go in, we go our separate ways that way we don't tread on each other," said Metrosexual.

"Fine by me," said his friend.

And so it was, they entered Flannigans and began the hunt. Metrosexual immediately spied a beautiful, slightly older woman at the end of the bar, sipping on what looked like coffee in a white china mug.

"Buy you a drink?"Metrosexual asked.

"No thanks,' she answered, 'I'm waiting for my husband."

"Well,' said Metrosexual thinking quickly, 'he's not here now so I'll just sit here if you don't mind and have my own drink."

"Free country," she answered.

Idle chatter soon ensued between Metrosexual and the lady, in which Metrosexual waxed poetic about the coming of The One and how the evil rethuglicans would finally be tossed on their collective butts and Amerikkka would again become America.

"I work for Freddy Mac,' says our hero, 'buying up a lot of sub-prime mortages. But between you and me, we are slightly inflating the values so the boss can get his performance bonus and we in turn get our shot at power in Washington."

"I know,' said the lady, 'and I think it's despicable. You are harming the very people you are purporting to help and your fearless leader isn't any better. His taxes and social policy will spell the end of freedom and prosperity in this country. In fact, it sounds suspisciously like fascism to me and I'm going to do everything I can to kick your bloated carcass across the Patomic!!"

"Well, if I can't get to first base with you, can I at least have your name?"

"Sarah Palin," said the lady as she pulled out her lipstick.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

This Is Not The Republic I Left You!

What else do you suppose else Abe is thinking?

At least thats the way I see it on this side of the Pecos River!

With a tip of my Stetson to Melinda777 at Blah Blah Blog

Sunday, September 28, 2008


The Dems recently announced their acceptance of the bailout bill. Here is my take:

At least thats how I see it on this side of the Pecos River!

An Open Letter To Senator Obama

Dear Senator Obama,

I've read with interest your attempts (via your campaign organization) to stifle ads and other communications that are negative about you. You call them lies and dishonesty, but they are, in essence, just negative ads. I'm sure you have a college degree and law school degree behind you, but I'm not sure you learned anything. Let me help you out here: First, the Constitution of the United States guarantees me that I am free from government censure because I hold certain views and express those views in a non-threatening way. Secondly, and you really must have done poorly in your American History classes not to know this, but campaigns are by their nature negative and cantankerous. Everyone running says something negative about the other guy.

This means, my dear Senator, that your attempts to stifle the ads in question (and here is one for you:

have only inflamed the blogosphere and are bringing more and more negative attention to you; and well deserved negative attention it is too.

Recently, you and your minions enlisted three individuals in the great state of Missouri to cajole and threaten individuals/stations whoever with prosecution. Well, Senator, this blog is viewable in Missouri, so prosecute my butt if you are man enough! No? I didn't think so!

At least thats how I see it on this side of the Pecos River!

Most Sincerely Yours,


Kill The Bill

I have no belief that the Congress of these United States will do the right thing and just sit back and do nothing, effectively killing the bailout bill. But I can hope. As that great socialist in the sky once said "We have nothing to fear, but fear itself." Well, ole FDR created lots of "bailouts" including Social Security (which I'm elegible for but not taking - at least not yet while I can still work) and the result was the depression lasted until December 7, 1941. You see, all that federal medling prolonged the depression.

As Newt Gingrich implied, the president has lost his mind, which to most of us conservatives isn't all that much news anyway

In Sunday's National Review online, Gingrich writes: "Congress was designed by
the Founding Fathers to move slowly, precisely to avoid the sudden panic of a
one-week solution that becomes a 20-year mess."
And that is precisely the issue, do we let the market forces of capitalism work or do we jump in and make sure that our children and grandchildren and maybe great grandchildren foot the bill for our foolishness because I think Gingrich is wrong on the "20-year mess," 80 to 100 years will be much more like it.

Look, I have a friend that went bankrupt because he wasn't minding the store like he should have been, he lost a lot of money, decades worth of work and still owes Uncle Sam ten's of thousands of bucks in back taxes. He's paying that off, one month at a time and has paid over half of it. But he damn sure doesn't ask for a bailout, he accepts full responsibility for the loss. That's the way it is supposed to work people!

Don't get me wrong, there are lots of people guilty for this mess we're in, and the Democrats are first to be in line, but Republicans aren't guiltless either and there are an awful lot of folk who got rich while ginning up this FUBAR mess. Some of them ought to go to jail methinks, expecially some of those congress critters who got hundreds of thousands in "contributions" (read bribes) from folks like Fannie May and Freddie Mac and other snakes just like them.

I will give Bush credit for this, he saw the mess a-brewin' at Fannie May and Freddie Mac long before others did and the Democrats blocked it because they wanted to look good to poor folk for being able to live in a champaigne house on a beer budget if you will excuse the mixed metaphore. But now those houses are being foreclosed on because the poor suckers really couldn't afford them, couldn't afford to live in them and just stopped payment.

So, lets recap: Not paying attention to good market practice got us into this mess, and overlooking good market practice in favor of borrowing from Mary, Sam, John, George, Bill, Esther, Fred, Glenn and Peter to pay off Paul won't get us out of it.

At least thats how I see it on this side of the Pecos River!